An Element of Expectation

Here we are, at the night before Christmas Eve and all around me people,  including my jaded teenagers, are getting excited for Christmas morning. That air of expectation, of eager anticipation, is contagious and I find it makes all of us smile, joke, and enjoy each moment between now and December 25th with loving clarity.

The same sort of expectation is an important element of paranormal romance novels.

It’s a great feeling to open a new book, with all the rich excitement of a child eager for Christmas morning, and get drawn into a fresh new world and an unforgettable adventure. When the author sweeps a reader up and away, it’s a connection shared, a promise kept, and in this paranormal romance writer’s opinion, it doesn’t get much better.

Whether it’s a new author we’ve heard good things about, or the next installment in a favorite series we’ve been anticipating for months, that moment of expectation for the journey ahead is truly delightful.

That sweet anticipation: ‘Where will this author take me?’ is what keeps me reading paranormal romance novels as well as other genres. I’m always game for a wild adventure, a tender tale, or a complex mystery.

It’s a similar element of expectation that keeps me writing paranormal romance novels. I’ve often said how much I enjoy the element of surprise when I’m writing. Sure I have an idea of where, when, and how, my characters will interact, but surprise is the element of paranormal romance I look forward to every day when I sit down to the keyboard.

I hope eager anticipation and expectation of a great adventure is an element for my readers too, as I strive to make each novel and every short story better than the last.

Live the adventure!

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  1. Famous Last Words was a gift to me this year. Loved it! Just the right amount of suspense, twists and a great ending. Thanks!

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