Adaptation Is Key For This Paranormal Romance Writer

Okay, it’s no secret the publishing industry is changing, and paranormal romance writers, just like other writers, have to keep up. For myself, I jumped into publishing the traditional way with the sale of my first novel Justice Incarnate. That was followed by another traditional sale, Invasion of Justice, which was released a year later. Things seemed to be on track with my career.

Then life intervened. Sales were slower than we expected (considering the amount of time I was putting into marketing and events). My dad died and my husband was deployed for 18 months.  As a suddenly single mom, I struggled (and failed) to keep promoting and writing the rather dark world of my 2096 novels.

My publisher (Echelon Press) understood, keeping me engaged as a paranormal romance writer with a couple of anthology projects (set in 2096 Chicago) and further supporting my choice to delve into a more lighthearted YA fantasy eBook series. Initially designed to release every 8-12 weeks, there are just five stories out at the moment, but the Hobbitville saga is gaining steam.

As a paranormal romance writer (who learned the hard way to follow my ‘voice’) the YA shorts let me explore a fun landscape and feel as if I can ‘finish’ a project in a timely manner. While my life slowly settled, I played with other ideas running around in my head and eventually finished Veil of Justice to my satisfaction.

But the timing was off, my momentum was gone. Here I was, a paranormal romance writer, but my audience had moved on.  Then my rights reverted on the anthologies. It was time to adapt and develop a better plan.

Looking at the new landscape of publishing, I took these titles (From the Ashes, Dream Works, Breaking New Ground, and Veil of Justice) straight to the reader via Kindle and Smashwords. So far, I’ve been pleased with the results. I’ve even got a giveaway going on Goodreads. Yup, that’s it right there. –>

As much as I resist change, even as a paranormal romance writer, adapting is the only way forward. And it’s worked beautifully. I’ve learned to blog, present workshops, and interact with peers and readers on social media. I’ve even managed a You Tube search story!

So I encourage you as a reader or writer, don’t be afraid of what’s looming on the publishing horizon for paranormal romance or any other genre. Do your research, learn the new advantages and keep your mind open to the next great book you can sample on your computer, ereader, tablet, or phone.

Live the adventure!

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