A Wrap on Paranormal Romance Novel Marketing

I must start today with a hearty THANK YOU to all the readers and Menage a Blog followers who stopped by the site these past few days! Getting to flirt, chat and connect with you made this an absolutely incredible experience! Your comments and quips kept me laughing, often loud enough to have my family wondering what was up.

Being in that incredible line up of authors was great – and reaching the top three for Final Flirt was HUGE!

But seeing Tracking Shadows at #1 in urban fantasy on Smashwords gave me chills! What a milestone (and yes, dear webteam, I took a screen shot!)

And with that, I will congratulate Miss Moonlight for stealing the Smuggler’s Stash! You’re gonna LOVE all the ‘goodies’ coming your way!

Marketing events like this are vital for me as a paranormal romance author, especially now that I’ve gone indie. This type of marketing, going directly to the reader so they can get to know me is a fantastic way to strengthen the reader to author connection.

I believe authors of any genre need to know who they’re writing for in order to deliver the best novels possible to that audience. And blog events like this are just one fun way to make that connection.

So I’ll bid adieu to Menage a Blog 2011 with another thank you to the reviewers who helped so much! Not only with reviews of my paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels, but by creating special places for readers to gather bonus entries, too!

The Bookish Snob

Lauries Thoughts and Reviews

Books R Us Online

The Bookish Dame

Deea’s Journal

Indie Book Blogger

Book Savvy Babe

Jennifer’s Blog

Readers and reviewers make all the difference for authors and I appreciate each and every one of you!

Live the adventure!


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  1. Thank you so much. This was really fun and I can’t wait to read your book. Take care and may God’s blessings overtake you this year.


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