Spooktacular Paranormal Reading For October!

Finally, this paranormal romance author got her act together and created a Listmania list. It’s not like it’s a difficult thing to do, and I’ve been included on some great lists, which I appreciate. And naturally October is a great theme…

October seems to mark the ‘real’ start of fall around here. With cooler weather, football, homecoming, this is when we start gearing up for the variety of holiday traditions and events in our household.

I used to decorate for every season, but as the kids got older and busier, the super-decor thing took a back seat. This year I just needed the change of pace (and yes, a break from the current book) so I spent an afternoon going through boxes, pulling out a few things and making the house feel more like fall.

It really got me in the mood to think about our other October traditions. We watch Hocus Pocus: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are fantastic in that movie. My daughter and I always made a girl’s night of Practical Magic too. This year I know we’ll both make it an event, even if we’re a thousand miles apart. Traditions are wonderful that way.

And I always read Edgar Allen Poe during October. I’m a fan year round, of course, but there’s something about Poe that is best served during a crisp October night, preferably with the lights on. 😉

So all of that got me thinking about other books that get me in the spooky, haunting mood and I voila! my first Listmania list. You can see my “Essential October Reads” list on Amazon. I didn’t try to rank them in order of favorites or even add a fright scale. Some are downright creepy (Poe) others are of the paranormal romance novel variety.

Even with my eclectic taste, chances are good that with a short list of ten books, I’ve managed to miss your favorite spooktacular book.

Tell me, what’s on your essential reading list for October?

Live the adventure!

p.s. I was Jen Wylie’s featured author on October 9th. If you haven’t been by, why not make it your next stop today? jlwylie.wordpress.com

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