Books Can Have Soundtracks

I usually listen to instrumental music while I’m in the drafting phase of a book, but when I’m editing, all bets are off. For the Escape Club: Sabotage, the revision and editing soundtrack was Halestorm. They are a go-to band for me, especially when I need an energy boost to power through a project. The… Continue Reading

Writer Wednesday #8

A healthy writing habit can help you no matter what your goals are. But how do you get started? This is the kickoff video for a series on establishing your own writing habit. The first step is carving out the time, but don’t worry about finding hours, weeks or days. You can get your writing… Continue Reading

Escape Club Sabotage Excerpt

The next short adventure featuring Grant and his Escape Club crew will be available on September 28th and it’s time to share an excerpt! From Chapter One: Tonight’s headliner band, Wish Blender, was a group Jason particularly enjoyed. They had a distinct, gritty sound as unique as their name. He enjoyed the wicked sense of… Continue Reading