News And Story Ideas

Articulate and witty, Regan can speak to many topics. We can develop stories specific to your program or blog, along with the suggestions below.  If you have a specific request, please Contact Us An experienced public speaker, guest blogger and interview guest, Regan can add a lively interview or discussion to your blog, or  news program.


Suggested topics for discussion:

From Politics to Kryptonite: World building tips for writers and suggestions for making the world for your characters come alive for your readers.


The Most Valuable Lesson From Vampire Authors: Reviewing the great potential in the current publishing climate. Publishing is in upheaval, that’s not news, but attitude makes the difference. With so many changes authors are going directly to the reader and that’s a boon for everyone.


The Secret Life of a 40mph Couch Potato: Greyhound rescue and adoption. The fun and lively side of the Regan Black household in regards to our experience with foster greyhounds, adopted greyhounds, and advice on making your own fast friend.


Juggling Isn’t Just for Clowns: Balancing life, writing, and promotion. Life is always a balancing act. Discussion points involve making time to write, planning promotional endeavors, and enjoying life in the process.


A Rose By Any Other Name: Why labels do and don’t matter. Labels such as ‘paranormal romance author’, ‘thriller’, or ‘urban fantasy’ help readers find books, but don’t have to be restrictive to an author’s productivity.


Who Changed My Plan (Or Plot Point): Revisions are important in writing and in life. Based on Regan’s book, Goal Setting for Writers, discussion points involve motivation, goal setting and revising both career goals and manuscripts.