Veil of Justice Review by Lovestodive

Veil of Justice is the third book in the Shadows of Justice series, this one focuses on Nathan (Petra’s brother) and Kelly (Petra’s assistant) from Book 2, Invasion of Justice.

The year is 2096 and Nathan has been imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. All is not what it seems though, as Nathan is actually undercover. Kelly has had a mental connection with Nathan for some time and they have been conversing (and other things) in their heads. In “Invasion of Justice” Kelly had stolen Nathan’s vintage mustang and disappeared. Six months later and there is still no word of her whereabouts, despite Petra and Jaden’s efforts to find her. During the course of the book we find out Kelly has secrets of her own and has been living a double life all along. She ran away because she must return to her family home and solve the mystery of the murder of the male members of her family and find a long lost family relic or our world as we know it will be seriously affected. Meanwhile, Nathan contacts Kelly through their mental connection and asks her to help him escape prison. So the fast paced, action packed ride begins.

Petra and Gideon from “Invasion of Justice” along with Jaden and Brian from “Justice Incarnate” return in this book as well as the supporting cast of characters from the both books. The evil Dr. Kristoff with his surrogate son Simon, play a large part in the plot and are still just as nasty as before. Nathan and Kelly each have unique abilities and issues which play a large part in the plot of the story. Like the first two books, this one is action packed with lots of hardcore rockum, sockum fight scenes. There is a romance trying to bloom between Nathan and Kelly but Kelly’s past seems to keep getting in the way. Written in the same style as the first two, we have bits of snarky comments and fun dialogue interspersed between the action scenes.

This is an adult urban fantasy book with some adult language and adult love scenes but above all it’s just a plain ole good action read. I enjoyed this book just as much as the first two and am now left wondering if the series will be continued and hoping it will be. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy with some romance and mystic legends thrown in.