Tracking Shadows Review by Jordan

As a fan of Ms. Black’s previous Shadows of Justice novels, I expected Tracking Shadows to be a great read. However, this fantastic novel surpassed my expectations and is now my favorite of the series. Ms. Black, always an author with a dry sense of humor, has produced a witty, fun, action-packed suspense novel – a combination that rarely results in as balanced a read as Tracking Shadows. Tracking Shadows stands independent and will please current fans of the series as well as new readers.

The Shadows of Justice novels are set in a future rigidly controlled by government restrictions. Now, contraband items include sugar and caffeine and the market is open for innovative “criminals.” Futuristic technology is new and exciting without turning the books into a series of technical manuals. The characters are strong and the action gripping while intrigue and suspense fuel this well-written world.

In Tracking Shadows, readers return to Chicago, 2096 with a blend of old and new characters. Lead characters from the past three novels make appearances that will make old fans smile as Ms. Black allows new blood to take center stage. Readers of previous Shadows of Justice novels will remember “Slick Micky” – the top smuggler who is famous for getting anyone “anything, anywhere, anytime.” But will he still be king of the Chicago underground with a sexy assassin and a shark pool of rivals out for his blood? Join Ms. Black for this amazing addition to a powerful series – you won’t be able to put it down once you start.