Tracking Shadows Review by Aimee of Coffee Table Reviews

I would not survive in this world. It was intriguing, everything is regulated. Everything. Even coffee (I would die without my coffee fix). But it had such a great mystery to it. Trina out for revenge, instead of just a paycheck offered up a great story. And Slick Micky gaining loyalty from his mules by kindness, but still being firm, was different that what I would have imagined for a crime lord.

Trina wants to avenge her best friend by taking out Slick Micky, who is responsible for his death. Trina’s power was interesting. She can create illusions, change her appearance, torment, to slip through the cracks. It definitely made for an interesting dynamic to the assassin bit.

Tracking Shadows was definitely a good read. I highly enjoyed the mystery. It wasn’t too immersed into the dystopia genre to turn me away from the novel. If you haven’t looked into this book, you should. It was very enjoyable.