The Matchmaker’s Mark Review by Sapphyria

A charming paranormal romantic mystery.

It has a very uplifting and happy tone. All of the characters are very likeable and I was drawn to them.

Amy, a mid-western girl, comes to South Carolina as a temporary faculty member to teach with an old college friend, Maeve. When Maeve suddenly becomes enamored with anything in jeans, Amy gets attacked by a werewolf, and a mysterious wood elf comes knocking, Amy’s world suddenly, and forever, changes. As Dare, the wood elf, tries to explain the changes to Amy, he stumbles upon Lily, who quite literally is the girl of his dreams.

There is a slightly mysterious element to the Matchmaker role, who she is/was, and what they do and to the development of Lily’s character as a half-elf/half-human living in South Carolina.

The paranormal elements enchant without distracting the reader. The foundation of the story is solid and there aren’t any choppy parts. There were a couple times at the end that I had to read a couple sentences twice due to my confusion but one I reread them then read the next sentence/paragraph everything made sense. All-in-all an excellent book.

Please note that this book contains “adult” scenes.