Shadows To Light Review by M Bailey

This is the 5th book in Regan Black’s Shadows of Justice series set in the near future of 2096 Chicago. The book tells the story of Mira, who has made small appearances in each of the previous books. Mira has a special ability to heal, but must keep herself and her ability hidden. After a narrow escape, Mira finds herself pursued by Enforcers with the opposite ability to cause pain and injury.

Helped by Jameson and members of his skilled military team she tries to find her missing father and uncover the truth behind his research.
The action and fight scenes along with a touch of romance are at the same high level as the previous books in the series. Characters from the earlier books lend assistance with their own unique skills and abilities.

The world Regan Black has crafted in future Chicago is filled with the interesting characters and detailed plots. It looks like the stories in this universe will keep coming. Start at the beginning and enjoy the whole series. It is worth it.