Justice Incarnate Review by Lovestodive

Set in Chicago 2096, Justice Incarnate introduces us to Jaden Michaels, a female self defense instructor. At least, that is what she wants the public to believe she is. Jaden’s soul has been reincarnated over and over in an effort to destroy another evil soul which continues to be reincarnated. In this time period, he is the Honorable Stewart Albertson, judge. Along with Jaden and Judge Albertson, Jaden’s soul mate, is also reincarnated over and over.

In all her lives Jaden is a strong woman and remembers each time that she has lived before and why she is here. She is destined to live and die over and over until she can destroy Judge Albertson. In this lifetime, she discovers that artifacts from one of her previous lives are on display in the National Museum. One of the artifacts is her diary, which she feels might hold the key as to how to destroy the judge so she breaks into the museum to steal it. On her way, a street bum connects to her and joins her on the job. Destiny takes over from here and the action begins.

There is a great caste of characters in this book, all well written. The dialogue and action flow well and keep you interested in the story. The future depicted is believable and not too out there. I ran the gambit of emotions while reading this book, my heart broke for Jaden, I got angry at the injustice, I hoped for a happy ending and the villain was nasty enough to make me hate him and wish very bad things to happen to him. A great read, packed with action scenes, romance, mystery and humor, I look forward to reading the next book.