Invasion of Justice Review by Lovestodive

It’s the year 2096, Petra Neiman is woke up from a horrible dream to sound of an old fashioned telephone ringing. She is called to the scene of a murder by Special Agent Kincaid who often uses her empath abilities to help him solve cases. At the scene she meets Gideon Callahan who she assumes works for the police but things are not always as they seem. Gideon is actually undercover watching over Petra.

While at the crime scene Petra touches one of the suspects and sees not only what happened but that her sister, whom she never knew she had, was there. Thus begins a wild ride where Petra and Gideon get entangled in more than just a simple murder. Along the way, we learn Petra has a brother, Nathan, who has been imprisoned for a murder Petra is sure he didn’t commit. Characters from the first book in this series, Justice Incarnate, make appearances in this book as well.

This book follows the theme of the first book and takes it and runs. There are twists and turns you won’t see coming and the future is portrayed in a very believable manner. The sexual tension between Petra and Gideon is palpable and their interactions with each other are filled with unease and a sense of rightness. This book is listed as paranormal romance but I would place it more in the Urban Fantasy genre. There is romance involved but the mystery and suspense are the meat of this book. If you enjoyed Justice Incarnate, you won’t be disappointed in Invasion of Justice, I read it in one sitting. Can’t wait to see what else Ms. Black has in store for us.