Bestselling Author Debra Webb Launches New Series!

It’s here! The incomparable Debra Webb kicks off her stunning new thriller series with OBSESSION, available NOW at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords! This is a special endeavor for Debra and a real treat for her fans because she has TWELVE books planned for this series. We are in for a fabulous ride!

For years Deb has been an inspiration to me both professionally and personally. Her work ethic, her kindness, and her fantastic storytelling make it such an honor to feature this book launch!

New from Debra Webb

Debra introduces her new series with this statement: “OBSESSION introduces soon-to-be-ex Special Agent Jess Harris and Chief of Police Dan Burnett at, let’s just say, a bad time in their personal lives and careers. Throw in twisted villains and four or five missing persons and you’ve got trouble.”

Here’s the back cover copy for OBSESSION:

Special Agent Jess Harris has spent more than a decade studying the many faces of evil. But in her determination to stop a heinous serial killer, she messed up, broke the rules, and it cost her everything. Now her career is in need of resuscitation and her love life is dead and buried. Jess jumps at the chance to escape her current reality and to advise on a case that has Birmingham, Alabama’s top cops stumped. The trouble is, the case forces Jess to confront all the reasons she put her hometown and her first love, Police Chief Dan Burnett, in her rearview mirror all those
years ago.

Dan Burnett will do anything to find the four young women who have gone missing before it’s too late to save them—even if it means asking for help from the woman who has spent a decade avoiding him. Until recently he kept up with Jess’s career at the Bureau. She’s the best at what she does and he needs her to help him solve this case. And just maybe, in the process, they can break down that brick wall she has built between them. Maybe they can even be more than friends again.

When a fifth girl goes missing without a break in the case, Jess questions her skill as a profiler and an investigator. Then the unthinkable happens. A startling personal message reveals that the crazed serial killer whose case she blew has followed her to Birmingham, adding a chilling twist to an already desperate situation, and time is swiftly running out.

As one of the extremely fortunate advance reviewers for this book, I can assure you OBSESSION will grab you by the throat and keep you enthralled until you hit ‘The End’. It’s quite possibly Debra’s best book – ever – and that’s saying something, because I’m a serious Debra Webb fan.

Even better news? Book two, IMPULSE will be released in just a few weeks, so readers don’t have to wait to know what happens when …well hang on, you’ll find no spoilers here, folks!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy of Debra’s latest at your favorite online retailer! AmazonB&NSmashwords 

Live the adventure!

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