Update On Our Adopted Greyhounds and the ‘Zoo’

Well, for those of you who’ve tuned in for an update on our adopted greyhound Boo’s tail, it seems all is well and she’ll get to keep every last inch of it. We are all (probably most especially Boo) quite happy the tail survived in tact.

The hair’s grown back so it no longer looks quite so (ahem) ugly and she’s pretty good about leaving it alone.

Brody has maintained the status quo for effectively blending grumpy with adorable as he lumbers along through each day. Though he’s started to keep a wary eye the packing process as our daughter prepares for her college move-in date.

Bandit, the youngest of our adopted greyhounds, has become quite the medical professional, keeping track of Boo as well as his human family lately. When my daughter broke her toe recently, Bandit detoured from the normal bedtime routine to race downstairs and check on her.

And in the days following that when I was laid up for several days, he seemed to understand. He hovered and checked on me, and was very careful not to lay on me, just next to me while I rested. He even forgave me for not going outside to play fetch on the days when I couldn’t quite stand upright. As a friend said recently, “That dog is just a couple hours short of achieving an LPN”.

He has help lately, as the pill pockets we use for Boo’s medicine are inexplicably more enticing than catnip to our feline contingent. If Bandit’s the nurse, Maverick has become the pharmacist and Sterling the assistant. Or maybe they’re both better classified as ‘addicts’.

Maverick barely restrains himself while I dispense Boo’s medicine. Then he’s hovering over the open bag of beef flavored pill pockets, while Sterling stalks in from the opposite side. No matter where I try to prep Boo’s ‘treat’ the cats are there, eager for a little nip of the beef.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a crazy zoo we live in with our three adopted greyhounds, two cats, and four finches, but I love them all. Most days.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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