Travels With Our Adopted Greyhound Boo

Seems like Boo’s been getting a lot of blog time lately, but that’s okay. She deserves it for having to put up with two brothers who outweigh her. (Although she is the alpha and like any adopted greyhound Queen, she keeps them in line).

The first time we took a trip with Boo was sort of an accident. We were going away for the weekend and I’d booked space for her and Brody (we only had two adopted greyhounds that week) at his favorite kennel. Boo was new to us, only a few months off the track, and it seemed everything still spooked her.

When we got to the kennel, she happily followed Brody (who was ecstatic about the va-cay) into the lobby. She soaked up the attention and loves from the receptionist and hesitated for just a second when we headed back to their ‘rooms’. A couple dogs barked and one of the kennel gates clanged and Boo froze.


No amount of begging, pushing, pleading, coaxing, (or any other synonym) moved her forward. She could see Brody – all smiles – but she refused to get closer. That in itself was odd because back then she deferred to Brody for everything. He was, in effect, her security blanket. But she looked up at me with such a hurt and baffled expression that I just couldn’t leave her.

The staff tried to help, offered me all the platitudes you offer a mom worrying over a baby with separation anxiety, but I knew it wasn’t going to work.  And I couldn’t put her through a weekend of misery and angst.

Fortunately I’d cleared the possibility of a ‘canine’ guest with our weekend hostess, simply because Boo was so new to us. I smiled down at her, said, “Come on baby” and moved toward the entrance. She un-froze herself, whipped around and launched herself into the van when I opened the door.

The road trip did not spook Boo. She was a great driving companion. Even the peripheral noises of stopping for gas or at rest areas didn’t bother her. She seemed just fine as long as she could see me or the kids.

Best of all (in Boo’s opinion) she discovered a passion for Fritos – one of my typical road trip snacks. She’d be napping on the floor in the back until I bumped the Fritos bag, then she was at my shoulder, hoping I’d share. (Of course I’m careful about dogs and people food, but I let her in on the joy of a couple small corn chips, just because girls need to know these things).

Live the greyhound adventure!

P.S. Brody was beyond content when we picked him up, showing no signs of being offended or feeling abandoned. Adopted greyhounds rock! Learn more with the Adopt A Greyhound Guide! Proceeds benefit greyhound adoption and rescue groups and help support their tireless volunteer efforts.

Oh, and tune in to the Dog Tails and other fun at Woofers Club! It’s a great website created by a couple of dynamic women and they recently let me share a story about one of our foster dogs!

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