Traveling With Adopted Greyhounds

We took our first adopted greyhound, Bubbles, with us everywhere. Like many newlyweds, the pet was our first baby.

We took her to picnics where people could ooh and ahh over her. She rode along with my husband when he’d pick me up from work and everyone adored her. It was a tough life, sure, but Bubbles was up for it.

She was fantastic in the car, which is fairly typical of these stoic and adaptable dogs, though some have their troubles. Big or small car, Bubbles was always eager to go for a ride, even to the vet’s office. Like many adopted greyhounds, if we opened the door from the house to the garage and she managed to get into the car (ie when we’d bring home groceries) she refused to get out of the car until we took her for a drive – even just around the neighborhood.

And despite the normal stress and chaos that goes into selling a house, Bubbles was happy with our busy showing schedule because it meant more car rides. Sure she had to share the space with the cat and the kids, but by then she was more of a nanny anyway. And naturally, being nanny to a toddler guarantees bonus treats in the way of dropped cheerios and goldfish crackers.

One caveat: when dealing with adopted greyhounds – you must be sure that long tail gets all the way inside or out before you close a door.

Bubbles’ tail got pinched in a van door only once. You know the old adage about head injuries bleeding so badly? Well adopted greyhound tails bleed like heads. The thing is, the greyhound gets over it faster than their person usually and they start wagging that tail. Long before the bleeding’s done.

The best thing is to apply pressure, and a soothing voice, until the bleeding stops. Sometimes a bandage is required (after you clean the wound) if it’s only a little nick, but if it’s worse, or the tail’s broken, let your trusted vet handle things.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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