The Smallest Among Our Adopted Greyhounds

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Boo is the big hunter in our current pack of adopted greyhounds. It’s an interesting personality paradox, since she’s our biggest chicken when it comes to stuff like thunder, heavy rain, or big trucks and planes that resemble the sound of thunder or heavy rain.

Maybe it’s her way of ‘bringing the thunder’ and causing a bit of terror rather than wallowing in what terrifies her. Whatever the correct theory, it’s amazing to watch our sweetest, cuddliest, petite-ist girl blast through the door to get the drop on the fluffy tailed critters romping without a care through her yard.

As I write this I’m surrounded by adopted greyhounds. Bandit on my left, Boo on my right and Brody at my back, all dozing while my fingers tap away on my alphasmart Neo. (Hey, it’s such a fabulous device I had to include the link)

It’s nice. Comforting, peaceful even. These precious moments are an extra dose of serenity and I just soak them up like a thirsty field. I’ve had pets all my life, and adopted greyhounds for the full duration of our twenty years-and-counting marriage.

There’s something special about these noble dogs that allow them to go from working life to retired life with only the briefest transition time. In these moments, these traits of adopted greyhounds inspire me in my writing.

To date, aside from the non-fiction Adopt A Greyhound Guide, greyhounds have only made guest appearances in one or two of my stories. I’m happy to announce that is changing. Inspired by my own adopted greyhounds and the outstanding greyhound rescue and adoption volunteers I’ve known through the years, I’m drafting a new series of novels…so stay tuned because the introductory short story will be available soon!

This is an exciting new direction for me. Our adopted greyhounds are quite tickled to be useful, evidenced by their sudden and abrupt need to interrupt me when my fingers are flying on the keyboard.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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