The Ears of Adopted Greyhounds

Greyhound dogs are members of the sight hounds classification, meaning their vision is fantastic and they lock onto movement – even in the distance. If that movement is intriguing they’ll race after whatever it is, no matter the risk. When you plan to adopt greyhound retirees, this single mindedness is one of the first things they warn you about.

(So always keep your greyhound in a safe, fenced area or on a leash.)

Naturally, greyhound eyes are expressive, but for sight hounds, adopted greyhounds have the most expressive ears.

Bandit’s concerned ears, usually employed when wondering if Daddy might go somewhere without him.

Yup, that’s right. Ask anyone owned by a grey, and they’re likely to tell you ears are one of the most endearing features on greyhounds.

When our greyhound puppy Bandit arrived (temporarily we thought) it seemed his ears were too small for his head, not to mention the rest of  him. (He’s the tallest greyhound we’ve met). But those ears are so adorably floppy, that it just makes you smile when he uses them to ask a question, tell you he’s happy, or will accept lovies, but would prefer to sleep.

He knows his ears complete the look when he begs me to come outside and throw his yellow cowboy. His ears go all silly (one up and one down) when he’s romping and trying to steal the Nylabone from Boo. And of course he lays them back against his head to create the lowest profile when he’s trying to sneak a sniff of dinner prep.

Live the greyhound adventure!

More information on greyhound adoption is always available at the Adopt A Greyhound Guide website!

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