Springing Forward With Adopted Greyhounds

Don’t worry. I know the Daylight Savings time change occurred last weekend, and as I’ve mentioned our adopted greyhounds were pleased that breakfast came early.  But a friend pointed me to this article from the NYTimes suggesting dog ownership is better for you than owning a treadmill.

It’s a cool article, and a philosophy I agree with. Walking is wonderfully beneficial at ‘both ends of the leash’ says the expert quoted by the Times. I used to love our long walks with our adopted and foster greyhounds, they’re such easygoing companions and being ‘seen’ with them helps promote awareness.

But I digress as the Times article has a fitness focus.

While walking for fitness (and most other purposes) is beyond my abilities right now, doing what I can with our adopted greyhounds is definitely helpful – for me and the greys.

Impervious to the ridiculous layer of hazy yellow pollen coating everything, our adopted greyhounds always want to romp, play, and be silly this time of year. And getting outside with the dogs, especially on marvelous, sunny mornings is great for both my mental and physical health.

No I can’t run with them or go for long walks like I used to (the rest of the family handles that now), but the fresh air and sunshine are still fabulous. I can throw a ball for Brody, cheer on Boo as she races around the giant butterfly bush, and fling the ratty old cowboy for Bandit.  Most importantly I get to share relaxing time with our very happy adopted greyhounds.

Opening our home to foster greyhounds, and adopting many of them along the way, has brought our family as many physical benefits through walking and play time as it has emotional benefits of relaxation and joy.

Live the greyhound adventure!

Check out the Adopt A Greyhound Guide or contact your local greyhound rescue and adoption group to learn more about finding the right greyhound for you.

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