Remember Adopted Greyhounds This Summer

In the dog days of summer don’t forget your adopted greyhound is an inside dog! Our puppy loves to play fetch – usually around noon – so I’ve changed his schedule a bit to give him a good romp without risking his overheating.  When we go out at midday, I keep it short and entice him back inside with the promise of an ice cube – his favorite treat!

Our oldest greyhound, Brody, likes to have his run in the mornings and sometimes he’ll go a little wild after dinner. Either way, he always comes inside and drains the water bowl. I think it’s age as much as experience that has him taking it easy in the extreme heat of midday. He’ll go out, relieve himself, and sunbathe for a bit (ten minutes usually) then wander back to the door.

Now, Boo, with her lovely black coat likes to sunbathe anytime, but I don’t let her go too long if the temperatures are high. Five to ten minutes is about the limit to avoid overheating or sunburn.

Sunburn on a dog?

Yup, it happens more than you’d think, especially in greyhounds. While no undercoat means less shedding, it also means they get warm fast and the sun can do serious damage. Plus, most greyhounds have minimal covering, or are completely bald on their thighs, and that skin can get sunburned just like the skin of the people who love greys.

So the dog days of summer means shorter walks, timely romps, and in the case of one particular puppy, it means more inside playtime.  (He is mellowing just a bit as he nears the two year mark…sometimes that ninety minute nap goes as long as two hours now).

Don’t forget, if your lucky enough to have a greyhound who likes water a kiddie pool, water hose, or sprinkler on these hot days can be a fun way to bond in a fresh, wet way!

So keep your cool as summer winds down and…

Live the greyhound adventure!

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