Peanut Butter Is Training Tool For Adopted Greyhounds

Peanut butter – it’s not just for chocolate anymore!

Or jelly. For years we’ve used peanut butter as a training tool with greyhound fosters and our adopted greyhounds. Peanut butter is a safe people food (in moderation) for positive reinforcement with the greyhounds.

Bandit the puppy is very strong willed and it took time, patience, ice and peanut butter to train him to come in the house when we called rather than when he was in the mood.

Peanut butter is the best flavor for medicine!

Whoever is in charge of flavoring vet meds missed the mark – at least according to the taste buds of our adopted greyhounds. Cheese might be less messy to wrap around heartworm and flea prevention, but our greys eat the cheese and give back the pills. Annoying, just a bit.

But smear a pill with peanut butter and everyone’s happy. The vital meds get inside and it’s a delightful flavor for the dogs.

Peanut butter is soothing!

What do they say about people and pets and resemblance? It turns out peanut butter is comfort food for greyhounds too. When there’s a bad storm, Boo gets a measure of peace when she has a smidge of the good creamy stuff. And Brody, hater of celebrations involving fireworks, can be happily distracted by a bit of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.

And whenever we empty a jar of peanut butter (which happens with great frequency) it’s time to share a special moment letting one of the dogs lick the jar.

Live the greyhound adventure!


For those of you following the spice finch tail regrowth (find the whole story on my Facebook notes) – those feathers are nearly completely grown in. In another few days we won’t be able to tell them apart anymore. Nature’s a beautiful thing!

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