Our Adopted Greyhounds Like Routine

We have a routine at our house. Several actually. In every day, there’s Brody’s routine, Boo’s pattern, and Bandit’s quirks. (just in case this is your first visit, no, we didn’t plan the ‘b’ name theme).  The adopted greyhound routines are liberally sprinkled with the antics of the cats. Simply put, our lives are ‘interactive’ – just as life should be.

The greyhounds and cats know Mom’s routine is to get up, do some funky stuff called yoga, feed everyone breakfast, and take the boys to a place called school. The finches have to wait a bit, but they know Mom will come in and talk nice and give them fresh seeds and treats when she gets back.

The greyhounds pay particular attention at the end of the day for the sound of Daddy’s garage door. When Daddy comes home there will likely be walks and hugs and snuggling  (Boo loves to help Daddy work on the laptop).

But Katie-bar-the-door if the routine changes! While Bandit thinks it’s a bonus to have half of the bed when either Mom or Daddy is gone overnight, that’s about the only upside for our greyhounds.

When there’s a change up and I’m not home to open the door on a whim or be head butted for random lovies, it’s guaranteed I’ll have ‘velcro’ pets hovering for the first 24 hours when I return.

Even as I unpack, the cats pace over my luggage, making sure things are coming out, rather than going in. Bandit watches me from the bed, ready to snatch away anything if I should make a move that resembles another departure.

Yes, it means I have to get sneaky about packing, on the rare occasions when I do leave, but with years of greyhound experience I’m pretty good at sneaky.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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