Myth Four Adopted Greyhounds Are Hyper

People often think that retired racing greyhounds need lots of space and lots of activity to be happy as they transition to life as adopted greyhounds off the track. It’s true they need time each day to relieve themselves, either on a walk or in a fenced yard. And it’s true many greyhounds will romp when given the chance to play in a safe, fenced area.

But really, what adopted greyhounds need more than action is time with a loving family and…sleep. They’re the cat of the dog world, spending upward of 14 hours a day napping.

Completely dispelling this myth about adopted greyhounds might be better as a photo essay:

Sure adopted greyhounds get excited – when it’s time to eat, or play for a bit, or when company comes over. But hyper? Nope. Nada. Not even…zzzzzzzzzz

Live the greyhound adventure!

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