Merry Christmas Greyhounds!

If today is merely another Saturday for you, then Happy Saturday and welcome to what’s typically ‘adopted greyhound day’ at! But if, like me, today is a day you celebrate…Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I love the quiet of mornings when I can get up and have coffee and some time to think before everyone else is awake.  I sort of go through the motions with the routine (dogs outside, Brody’s meds, dog food, etc.) and the adopted greyhounds gently herd me in the right direction if I get off track.

Now…a quiet Christmas morning is even more special and I think my adopted greyhounds agree.

In years past, Brody would stay up with us as we put the finishing touches on gifts and tucked them under the tree. Then he’d get just a few hours of rest before small footsteps padded through hallways and down the stairs to check stockings for Santa’s delivery. He was our designated ‘town cryer’ giving a soft alert when children were on the move.

We’ve now entered the stage where the kids (teenagers) sleep a bit later, though they’re not any less excited. Naturally, Brody approves of this slower pace.  If last year’s any indication, the adopted greyhounds will get up with me, bump me along through their breakfast and happily greet the rest of the family as the aromas of coffee and breakfast casserole draw them downstairs.

It’s a good system – and not just because I get first dibs on the coffee.

Then the adopted greyhounds are content to watch the festival of unwrapping. Brody watches from the corner dog bed, Boo curls up with a pillow on the couch, and Bandit stands in the middle, ready to carry the pretty, discarded paper up stairs to decorate our bed.

Once the people gifts are done, Brody’s usually the first to start begging for the dog gifts. He knows the routine, once there’s floor space again (thanks to Bandit for ‘picking up’) it’s time for some fluffy, squeaky, or chewy fun for greyhounds.

It’s a good system – and not just because it’s a holiday.

Our adopted greyhounds are part of the everyday joy of our family, and we’re so blessed to be owned (at the moment) by three remarkable and lovable hounds.

Have a blessed holiday season and live the greyhound adventure!

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