Holiday Fun With Adopted Greyhounds

Having a puppy can be one of the best joys of the holiday season. Having an adopted greyhound can be equally fun. Having an adopted greyhound puppy means you’re in for a world of fresh discovery and wee bit of craziness.

Greyhound puppies are relatively hard to come by, and when Bandit came to us as a foster greyhound he was a full grown giant of a greyhound with an even bigger share of curiosity, and at eleven months he was still very much a puppy.

Greyhounds are naturally inquisitive creatures and Thanksgiving dinner was amazing fun for him as he tried to steal napkins off laps, ignoring the fine examples of Brody and Boo who were lying quietly in the doorways. They had us trapped, but they were experienced enough to know begging was futile. (they also know good manners are rewarded…Bandit is starting to grasp the concept)

We’re one of those families who decorate for Christmas on Friday and let’s just say for an adopted greyhound – especially a puppy – all the new boxes, smells, garlands, smells, lights, and smells are almost better than Thanksgiving dinner.

And Bandit contributed all season long by unstuffing dog toys in front of the Christmas tree. I stopped picking up (an effort as futile as begging), and just embraced the fluff as Bandit’s way of giving us a white Christmas. I was a little fussier when he carried ornaments off the low branches of the Christmas tree, but he never hurt them, only carried them to his bed upstairs.

He had quite a collection.

His bed upstairs grew quite festive on Christmas morning as we opened presents and Bandit toted off the discarded wrapping paper. Adopted greyhounds are so unique in the things that amuse them.

Over the years each of our greyhounds has shown a preference for particular things during the holiday season, but all of them have blessed us with so much love and so many joyful memories!

Live the greyhound adventure!

If you’re ready to treat yourself and adopt a greyhound, be sure to start with the Adopt A Greyhound Guide. You’ll be prepared and help greyhound rescue and adoption groups too.

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