Furniture Fun With Adopted Greyhounds Part Two

Last week I shared a glimpse of life with Bandit, our adopted greyhound puppy. He turns two next month, but greys don’t usually settle and mature until sometime after two…I’ll let you know when it happens to Bandit.

But that ‘maturity’ factor brings me right to Brody!

At nine, Brody’s our eldest adopted greyhound. We adopted him when he was about two and a half. He had an embarrassingly short career, we assume it’s because he runs better with a tennis ball in his mouth, and still manages to look like a reindeer rather than a greyhound in the process.

While he wasn’t a star on the track, he wins the prize for most likely to take up an entire couch. Brody will share – when he has too – but the dog or person better have a very good reason. For instance, Boo can share if the vacuum or movie sounds get too scary.

More importantly, all the adopted and foster greyhounds that come through our house must understand that Brody is king. Boo may run the show as the alpha female, but Brody runs the seating and lounging assignments. If Brody is on one couch and Boo is on the couch he’d like to be on, Brody often pretends to need something to make her curious enough to get up.

When the daddy or momma get up to address what he claims to need (chew toy, water, back yard) and the other greys follow, he takes the couch he wants. He did this with Faith (our previous queen) and he does it with every foster greyhound that passes through. He’s a sneaky one, but I suppose craftiness and wisdom come with age.

(He’s been known to clear the desired space of both children and adults with this tactic. So if you ever visit, and get fooled by the cagey old grey, don’t feel bad).

But the biggest ‘furniture fun’ quirk for Brody is that he detests pillows. Of every shape, texture, and style. ‘Throw’ or ‘toss’ pillows are aptly named in our house because that’s the first order of business when Brody takes over a couch. He clears the space and stretches or curls as he sees fit. (Which only means we have to come along and pick them up so Boo can get comfy…more on that next week!)

Live the greyhound adventure!

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