Furniture Fun With Adopted Greyhounds Part Three

It seems most appropriate that I end the Furniture Fun series with Boo, as her name and sweet personality go with the lighter side of Halloween weekend!

She came to us three years ago (in October) with a track name of “Sweet Crunch”, but she didn’t care for any variation of that name and her ears (when happy) resembled the ponytails of the human girl named “Boo” from Disney’s Monsters, Inc. She seemed to prefer it and she’s been our Boo ever since!

Boo was a foster greyhound who quickly adapted to the couch potato philosophy.

She prefers her couches with throw pillows – especially the mission style couch – which means we’re always replacing throw pillows Brody’s tossed off so Boo can be more comfortable. She’s been known to suffer valiantly without a pillow as she’s the most easy going of our adopted greyhounds.

As for special quirks, Boo rarely ‘roaches’ on a couch, though she’ll roll on her back outside in the yard or on one of the dog beds that litter our floors. Boo’s a real cuddler, and we often claim she has delusions of Teacup Chihuahua. Convinced she’s small enough to fit on a couch full of people, she’ll join anyone, anytime no matter if it means part of her is squishing part of a person.

Her favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home and relaxes on the couch with his laptop. They peruse the internet together, and she snoozes while he rubs her ears. It’s great fun for everyone (and if he calls her pushy, he can’t possibly mean it).

While Brody’s not big on spending time on our bed, Boo likes it almost as much as Bandit. The two of them often hang out up there after a session romping with toys or in the morning when the daddy and momma need a little help waking up.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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