Favorite Winter Memories of Adopted Greyhounds, part 3

Bandit, the greyhound puppy we started fostering as a not quite one year old soon became a permanent addition…and with a surprising snowfall, he became…

The Prince of Snow

Bandit arrived in November and one of our favorite discoveries was that he liked ice. We couldn’t go to the freezer for anything without having him lope along into the kitchen to beg for an ice cube. He’d stick his head right into the open door (our freezer is on the bottom) and do his best to sweep that long nose and tongue over the ice cube bin.

A few months later, in February, the Lowcountry got a wintry surprise in the form of real snowfall. Not a rumor or a flurry, but the stuff that sticks. Through the night our back yard was blanketed with five inches of the white stuff. It clung to a decorative fence I put up to protect my butterfly garden (the greyhounds consider it the infield).

When Bandit went outside on that glittering morning he was thrilled. He nosed around the yard, and romped with Boo, but he devoured clumps of icy snow at nose level. It was the best walk-in freezer he’d never imagined.

He nibbled his way around the fence, scraped clean a few yucca leaves and when my husband took him for a walk, he leaped from one snow drift to another, diving in nose first and dragging his tongue along the frosty crust.

Greyhounds may be universally willing to curl up on a couch, but it’s these delightful, unique personality traits make adopted greyhounds a joy for the families who love them.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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