Favorite Winter Memories of Adopted Greyhounds, Part 2

Greyhounds can be so very amusing for big, quiet dogs. Of the thirty or so dogs we’ve fostered we’ve found similarities and unique traits in every dog. Last week I told you the story of our first greyhound Bubbles and her absolute refusal to wear a sweater on a bitter cold day.

Well, Bubbles has a polar opposite with our current ‘queen’ Boo. (again I say the ‘B’ names are completely coincidental.)

Through the screen door.

Boo’s a sweet black greyhound on the small side of the scale. Her sweater is a dark brown polar fleece with a snood that can adjust over that long greyhound neck all the way up to cover her ears if she desires.

She looks a bit like a teddy bear when she’s ‘dressed’ and she acts like everyone should drop to one knee as she races by.

The first time we put the sweater on her, she was torn between snuggling into it and leaping out the door. This girl was ready to make a fashion statement!

For the duration of that first walk, we chuckled and smiled as she pranced about on dainty feet, inviting every person and creature to admire her new duds.
Over this past holiday season we had such a cold snap, we started putting the sweater on Boo to make her more comfortable just for trips to the back yard. Especially on the first romp of the day and the last trip outside before bed.

She loved it. To the point where she wouldn’t go outside without the sweater, and even dashed off to the couch before we could take it off. She liked to curl up on the couch with her personal blanket Brody couldn’t knock off.

As Bubbles stood so still (completely mortified) with a sweater on, Boo stood still waiting for us to get it just right, then she happily tore outside to take care of business, which included a daily romp now that she had that extra layer of fashion and warmth.

(and if you’re wondering about the picture, this was the best I could get while she was outside. Silly girl wanted to kiss the camera or run like crazy.)

Live the greyhound adventure!

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