Cats and Adopted Greyhounds and Visitors, Oh My!

Funny, for a small gray kitty, he doesn’t look all that threatening…

I often tell people retired, adopted greyhounds are the cats of the dog world. They sleep away a good bit of the day and they are very relaxed, laid back sort of companions. Just as loyal, but nothing as hyper as your average Jack Russell or Labrador puppy.

Of course there’s an exception to the whole adopted greyhounds have feline tendencies theory…

We had company recently that arrived with a doberman, german shepherd mix and…a most adorable kitten.¬†All five of the dogs got along just fine. The cats and dogs did okay. But the cats and the kitten? Well that’s where things got interesting.

The kitten was just fine, but my big black cat is now officially known as ‘scaredy-cat‘ because he refused to interact with anyone he suspected had ever met the kitty. Including the dogs and the people who brought them.

However, it was the gray kitty, the one we refer to as the ‘baby’ in our home earned who a new nickname during this visit: Ninja cat.

What he lacked in stealth (there was a wide range of vocalizations previously only heard in the wild) he made up for in speed of sneak attacks.

The poor visiting kitten was relegated to safe, but mostly solitary confinement in the guest room, and still Ninja cat snuck in more than once, making a beeline for her no matter where she tried to hide, and doing his best to hiss and swat her to death.

Which meant Ninja cat had to be confined to almost solitary confinement with his scaredy cat brother. (Earlier we’d taken pity on the black kitty and moved him to my bedroom so he could do more than hide and growl behind the couch)

Now, the adopted greyhounds got along with everyone, kitty included, during the rare moments they got to visit with the kitten and her humans. Aside from Bandit’s use of his manly-mean voice while playing outside (a voice that confused the ever so patient Doberman). But that’s just Bandit being the youngest – something we deal with frequently.

He did however show the guest dogs all his good toys and he cried soulfully when the whole crowd had to leave.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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