An Adopted Greyhound Tribute To Thera-paws

From Brody, the eldest of the adopted greyhounds in our home:

I’m not so sure what a tribute is, but Momma says it’s my turn to blog. <grumble> No one told me blogging was part of retirement, but if it makes my momma happy, I’ll go with it. (she controls the treats, y’know)

Would’ve been nice if she’d let me blog about something I like…Like tennis balls. Those are simply the best to romp and run with. And I can pop them with my super jaw strength. (Momma says that’s my unique habit – which I assume from her ‘I love you’ smile is a good thing).

But no, she wants me to blog about Therapaws.

Tribute or not, a therapaw is a goofy looking sock-thing she puts on my feet when I hurt myself. Not that I hurt myself a lot. Just sometimes stuff in the yard gets the better of me. A few days ago I came in from a good romp so excited to see my family I didn’t feel anything but happy.

But they traced the trail of blood to my right front foot and made me stand there while they cleaned it. (It’s not really so bad. The girl was home to hold me and she said all kinds of nice things in my ear while Momma washed, rinsed, and dried my owie).

Then she did the unthinkable: She put on a Therapaw.

Please. As if I needed that. I told Boo and Bandit it was only because Momma didn’t want to wipe up little blood splotches, but she makes me wear it all the time now. I’m only limping a little bit. And I can’t lick the owie, though I try, when the boot is on.

It’s a dog’s right to lick the owie!

Still, the boot of shame does help (but don’t tell her I said that).

Momma says it keeps out germs – whatever those are – and I must admit I move a little better when the owie is covered. She also says it will make it better faster and that’s good because I’m a greyhound and we’re fast at heart!

Live the greyhound adventure!

Brody and

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