An Adopted Greyhound Collection

One more reason for my addiction to the outstanding dog breed of retired, adopted greyhounds: 5 greyhounds in one room and no fighting, not even much grumbling. Even with a stressful situation like noisy fireworks.

That’s five dogs with long legs, noses and tails and an average weight of approximately 70 pounds each.  Yup, that means a lot of adopted greyhound cooperation.

We’ve been dogsitting for Ransom and Ozzie, a pair of greyhounds we adore, while their daddy took a well-deserved vacation. This pair is well behaved, loveable and like many adopted greyhounds, very laid back. Which is probably why it works out so well.

Adopted greyhounds Ransom and Ozzie

Each dog has their favorite spot on the couch or a dog bed. (In case you didn’t know, Ransom and Boo – the queens – get first dibs on the couches). Seating only gets tricky when the greys have to factor in the humans, but usually humans are allowed to win.

Ransom loves the couch during the day and feels entitled to sleep on the bed with us at night. She’s sneakier, smaller, and not as obtrusive as Bandit so it’s not a big deal. (and it’s temporary) Bandit should take notes on how she manages to be where she wants to be and we sleep right through it.

Instead, our gigantic puppy tried to be patient, but sometime during the third night, he decided it was his turn to sleep by his daddy. Which meant he tried to steal my pillow while my head was still on it.

I love that dog. Truly. But that was a bit much.

Despite that #fail moment for Bandit, nights are just as easy as the days. Each dog has a bed, occasionally they rotate, and five greyhounds and two humans sleep peacefully through the night.

Adopted greyhounds are simply the best, in my opinion, when it comes to pack dynamics.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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