Adopted Greyhounds Roo The Day!

There are a couple possible plays on that phrase:

Adopted greyhounds rule the day! Of course they do. Adopt a greyhound and you’ll understand exactly what I mean – they’re just the best kind of dogs to have. Quick to bond, generous spirit…yes, I’m moderately addicted and completely biased. Why do you ask?

Adopted greyhounds rue the day! This, hmm, not such a greyt fit. I mean really, what do adopted greyhounds have to regret? When they come off the track to loving homes it’s life in the slow lane for these fast friends.

But I really meant adopted greyhounds ROO the day! If you haven’t heard, greyhounds aren’t the barking sort. They do have vocal talents (our Brody can sing happy birthday) but they rarely use them. The first time my husband and I heard a greyhound bark was at a reunion when the dogs were cheering each other at a lure course.  That was the only place in the reunion where you heard barking, everywhere else, those greyhounds were as quiet as at their respective homes.

The first time I met a greyhound was in the kennel of a vet’s office. Nine of them were waiting or recovering from spaying or neutering and though they were surrounded by other animals making all kinds of noise, those nine were silent!

Greyhounds communicate most effectively with their wonderfully expressive eyes. They just aren’t into barking unless they really mean it! That’s when a greyhound will ROO! Roo-roo-roooooo! Those of us who’ve adopted greyhounds know the wonderful sound of ‘roo-ing’ means a happy dog in the yard.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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