Adopted Greyhounds Love Company!

Company’s coming!

It’s always fun to see how our different greyhounds adapt to the arrival of guests. When Brody was the youngest, he was always first to the door, now that he’s the oldest, he’s more content to let Boo and Bandit lead the welcome wagon.

When you adopt greyhounds you open yourself up to a lifetime of discovery and joy since they live such wonderfully long and active lives.

Bandit loves to be the first, and as the biggest and goofiest, you’d think he’d jump all over people. Well, fine, I admit this was one greyhound foster who needed an anti-bounce button. But like most greyhounds he’s smart and eager to please.

So now he doesn’t jump, but he inspired Boo to revisit the behavior from her younger days. She’s much smaller, so you’d think it’d be less trouble, but somehow she makes up the height difference with the outstanding vertical leap.

When we have overnight guests, all of our adopted greyhounds try their best to be first on the guest bed, which makes for an interesting game of musical greyhounds. This is why I always have a baby gate nearby – it fits in the doorway and the greys can see me, and feel like they’re helping, but they can’t rush in and steal the pillows.

Once a guest is in the house, our adopted greyhounds make a game of who can get in closer for the best access to extra lovies guests provide. Grandmas are the best, in case you’re wondering.

Don’t worry, if greyhounds aren’t your thing (gasp) we’ve got a couple cats who will be happy to snuggle just as soon as the greys go to their respective dog beds. Not an animal lover? We can respect that – but beware – our adopted greyhounds are likely to change your mind.

Find out more about the wonder and fun of adopting greyhounds at AdoptAGreyhoundGuide.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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