Adopted Greyhounds Are Blogging Today

Adopted greyhounds are usually experts at adaptation, but they’re also quick to bond, and those bonds are strong. If they had any say boarding school wouldn’t be an option…

Saying goodbye to one of the family pack, from the adopted greyhound perspective:

Brody says, “Our oldest girl moved out of the house this week and we knew something was up with all the boxes and shuffling of stuff from her room to the dining room, then finally to the garage. We’re not stupid, in fact out people know we understand them pretty well. Still, we might’ve heard what was going on out there if the dumb pup hadn’t been vocalizing his worry. Some day he might learn, but I’m not holding my breath.”

Boo chimes in, “Worries ended when all of our people returned to have dinner. It was Arby’s. I love the smell of beef ‘n cheddar, even if I can’t have any. Between you and me, I think Brody conned momma into a curly fry, or even two. I was jealous, but then I remembered I get to lick the peanut butter more often than any of the boys.

“The next morning was a surprise because we’d all forgotten about the loading and stuff. I know I’d hoped it was just a matter of moving out things our girl didn’t need anymore. We were wrong.”

Bandit interrupts. “The boy! I got to spend all day with the boy! We had fun. He threw my bouncy fish down the hall for me and I brought it back for him. Then he threw my tennis ball. And then! I finally convinced him to throw my favorite yellow cowboy while I was outside. That’s when I missed Momma, because she throws the cowboy better than any of my other people.

“But Momma didn’t come back all night so I got to sleep on her pillow next to Daddy. I missed laying across her legs, but her pillow is really comfy.”

“Quiet, whippersnapper!” Brody snaps. “Momma came home, and even though I looked really hard, I didn’t see the girl anywhere behind her. And when Momma confirmed she was back at school, I was a little sad. When I look at momma just right, she hugs me and pets my ears and reminds me the girl will be home soon. She just never says how many meals are between now and ‘soon’.”

Live the greyhound adventure!

Brody, Boo and Bandit too!

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