Adopted Greyhounds And Summertime

June! And it’s already hot here in the South Carolina Lowcountry. This distresses our youngest greyhound, Bandit because he doesn’t get as much time outside, playing fetch and racing around the yard.

He’s about two and a half now, so it’s a bit easier this summer to manage him and convince him to take a break when he needs it. Boo and Brody, the more experienced of our adopted greyhound pack will romp in the early morning, or near dusk, but otherwise they know summertime is the season to bask in the sunshine.

Greyhounds are not outdoor dogs. They don’t have an undercoat and are therefore more susceptible to temperatures and the whims of mother nature.

Most adopted greyhounds love to play or bask, but they need your supervision to be sure they don’t overdo when temperatures climb.

I’m especially careful with Boo. Being a black adopted greyhound, she can overheat more quickly than our fawn colored boys. You might not realize it, but adopted greyhounds – with such a thin coat and often bald thighs – can get sunburned quite easily.

The best protection is limited exposure, so keep an eye on your adopted greyhound to prevent any injury or unnecessary discomfort.

At the track, after a race, the trainers will send the greyhounds through a water trough, or spray them with a water hose to cool them off. With all the foster greyhounds and greyhounds we’ve adopted, we’ve met several who love water and a few who don’t, but all of them had preferences.

Bubbles, our first greyhound, would bark and jump at the sprinkler, finding it a fun game. And Faith loved to cavort in the rain.

Of course greyhounds can’t swim, but if you have a water-loving greyhound consider a baby pool or sprinkler they can play in on hot days. It will amuse you and your grey.

As always, supervision is important, not only for safety, but to thoroughly enjoy the summer fun with your adopted greyhound.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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