Adopted Greyhounds Ambassadors For Contentment

Our adopted greyhounds are typical of the breed: they sleep away a good bit of the day. Up to 18 hours a day, according to experts. Which is nice if, like me, you work at home and the quiet is a productivity boost.

Of course there’s the rule’s exception with Bandit. Still a puppy he needs more playtime, but as he nears his second birthday, the quiet spells of precisely 90 minutes are stretching to two hours.  Shhh, don’t laugh too loud or I won’t get through this post without throwing the squeaky ball.

But it’s the napping that is especially conducive to creating contentment. Watching an adopted greyhound ‘roach’ (tummy up, all four legs akimbo) or snooze curled up in the corner of the couch, you can’t help but smile. A smile helps you relax. Relaxing eases stress. Less stress equals more contentment.

It’s a wonderful cycle I hope more and more people will seek for themselves. Greyhound adoption is a positive solution for all parties – human and canine. You give a smart, hard-working racing greyhound a delightful, joy-filled retirement when you adopt greyhound(s).  (Adding the plural because greyhounds can be rather addictive).

It sure works for me. Whenever circumstances intervene, spending time snuggling with my greys is a balm to soothe the issue. Nothing seems all that horrible when a greyhound smiles, or stretches under your touch, or races happily around the yard.

When you’re ready to learn more about greyhound adoption, check with the greyhound rescue groups in your area and learn all you can about what life is like with these amazing dogs. The Adopt A Greyhound Guide is a good place to start, there’s even a free e-course.

Live the greyhound adventure!

If you’re following the tale of the finch tail: The birds are one hundred percent twins again and no further feline mischief has been accomplished.   At least not as it relates to the spice finches.

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