Adopted Greyhound Silly Stories

In the category of true but rarely admitted anecdotes, I’ll advise you to not kiss a greyhound while wearing lip gloss.  This is probably good advice for interacting with any dog breed, especially the super furry kind, but as this is Greyhound Saturday, I’ll be specific.

I’ve been hanging out with greyhounds since…well let’s just say it’s been a long time. I’ve been a pet lover all my life and our life with greyhounds is just that much richer as we pass on our love for these ‘greyt’ animals to our children, neighbors, friends…just about anyone who will listen.

Naturally, in all the time I’ve loved pets in general and greyhounds in particular I’ve learned a few things.

Things like: Don’t kiss a greyhound while wearing lip gloss. Especially flavored lip gloss.

Adopted greyhounds, proud owners of long noses and long tongues have quite a reach. They might be sight hounds, but their noses work just fine. If they come snuffling and catch a whiff of, say strawberry scent, in your lip gloss, you might just end up closer than intended with your adopted greyhound.

Hypothetically of course.

Fine. It’s happened to me. I’m not the super-girly type, but I know my makeup and I enjoy it. Lip gloss is a favorite and I realized, a moment too late, it was a favorite of Brody’s as well.

Greyhounds might not shed like other dogs, but still, they’re not hairless, and kissing a greyhound while wearing lip gloss pretty much guarantees you’ll be picking tiny hairs off your lip the rest of the day. At best.

Unless you believe a fast swipe of that long tongue over your lips is better.

Picture it. You approach your adopted greyhound. You say sweet, mushy things and bring your face close. Then sniff, lick, and sputtering as the adopted greyhound has tasted your strawberry scented lip gloss.

It’s positively hysterical to those watching. (if my husband’s reaction was any indication). Now as much as I love my adopted greyhounds, I’d much rather save my kisses for my husband. As soon as he’s done laughing at me!

Live the greyhound adventure!

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