Adopted Greyhound Joy!

The top five things my adopted greyhound do that bring me joy:
1. Smile! That’s right, all three of my greyhounds ‘smile’. It’s fabulous and you just can’t help smiling back. In fact, most of our greyhounds smile, but some are better than others. Best smile in the house these days goes to Brody (but don’t tell the others I said that). He just has the right combination of warmth and goofy. It’s endearing.

2. Romp! Yup, watching my greys romp through the yard brings me joy. They’re so sleek and graceful – or in Brody’s case, just so darn happy (he has a stride that would’ve earned him a reindeer role in The Polar Express).  Yes, the yard is more dirt than grass, no matter how much we’ve invested in sod and Scott’s lawn care products, but I’ve learned to overlook it.

3. Roo! Officially, greys don’t bark (unless they’ve spent time here with Brody who is master of all bad habits). But they do Roo-roo-oo their happiness. And Bandit’s the big talker around here, using an inside voice (when reminded) when he gets all excited about a game of tug or fetch.

4. Rest! Watching my greyhounds cuddle or snooze is so relaxing and has the same soothing effect (on me) as watching a baby sleep. You just can’t stay stressed out when your greyhound is snuggling a toy or pillow, or roached on his back, legs akimbo. Even better, when one of my adopted greyhounds snuggles up with me on a rainy day to help me read (or write) a book.

5. Walk! While I physically can’t take the dogs for walks as often as they like, it’s always a pleasure when I can go. All three of them seem to understand my slower pace and match it, even though they’d rather be up front. And it’s always a delight to meet other people and share the joys of adopted greyhounds with them. Even when it’s only my husband walking our dogs, I feel such joy and happiness as the greys turn circles in preparation of the leash clicking to the collar and later return to drain the water bowl.

Little things? Maybe, but greyt things none-the-less!

Live the greyhound adventure!

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