Adopted Greyhound Full of Love and Concern

Well, we had a bit of excitement this week. Our precious Boo, queen of our three-pack of adopted greyhounds had a grand mal seizure Monday afternoon.

It was terrifying as she started with foaming at the mouth and a twitchy lip, then suddenly collapsed in a full blown seizure that lasted about 5 minutes. Absolutely terrifying. I’d had no first hand experience with this and I fumbled, one hand on the phone dialing the vet, one hand on Bandit as we helplessly waited it out.

First, let me say Boo has been fine since. We’re hoping and praying this is a one time occurrence, it’s been known to happen in adopted greyhounds, but we’re keeping a close eye on things. Today though, I really want to share how much Bandit surprised me.

Sure, at about two and a half, he’s still very much a curious puppy. But he sensed a problem moments before Boo started foaming. He wanted to be close to her, but I held him out of the way as she went down – for the safety of both greys. But the worry on his face was vivid and heart breaking. He didn’t understand why Boo was struggling.

Adopted greyhound Boo helps promote

When I finally got the right number into the phone and related the situation to the vet, Bandit stayed with me, but didn’t interfere as I tried to help Boo. More remarkably, he tried to help me tell the vet what was happening. He’s tended to be more vocal when I’m on the phone in recent months but this was different.

Call me a fool, tell me I’m ‘too attached’ to my adopted greyhounds, but I believe he was earnestly trying to communicate whatever trouble he was sensing from Boo. I would say something to the vet, and Bandit would look at Boo, then up at me, and add his two cents. Not barking, crying or the famous greyhound ‘roo’ing. Just a concerned sort of vocal pattern that repeated until even the vet commented on it.

When we took Boo to the vet for an exam and blood work, Bandit was very upset about staying home. He didn’t want her to go alone. And when we got home, he seemed immensely relieved. He sniffed her all over and has stayed close by ever since, not smothering her with concern, but checking on her periodically and making sure I’m doing the same.

Adopted greyhounds are remarkable creatures with such amazing personalities and this week is one more example of why I love them all so very much.

Live the greyhound adventure!

5 Responses to Adopted Greyhound Full of Love and Concern

  1. You’re not too attached to your adopted fur-kids. You’re perfectly attached. I love your Bandit/Boo story. He’s quite the puppy! 🙂 Glad Boo is still doing well.

    • Thanks, Mary! Bandit’s come a long way since his supersized crazy puppy-ness. Thanks for your prayers too, I know that’s helping!

  2. I do hope Boo is all right. Did the vet prescribe anything to prevent recurrences? I know several adopted greys and it’s true – they’re very enaging creatures.

    • At this point, no prescriptions. If the seizures return, we’ll have to put her on something, but for now, she’s stable. 🙂

      • That’s great, although I can’t imagine an episode of such severity being a one-time thing. Here’s wishing her all the best!

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