Adopted Greyhound Does Guide Dog Impersonation

Let me tell you about a morning. A morning that looks just like any other morning. The sun rises, the alarm goes off, I stumble through motions that are routine after decades of practice.

Feeding our adopted greyhounds should be counted in that routine – for me as well as our pack of greys.

On this particular morning however, my precious pack of sight hounds did their best to give me the opportunity to prove I was awake and coherent. When I wandered into the office rather than the family room, they figured some important people-task had come up. They hovered, then nudged me back toward the kitchen and the dog food bin.

Except they knew I needed the bowls to hold the food (although they may have been hoping I’d just let them stuff their heads into the bin). So Boo aimed me back toward the family room to collect Bandit’s bowl.

See, that’s routine. I pick up Bandit’s bowl, then hers, then Brody’s in an economy of motion – going from the furthest away and moving toward the ever important dog food bin.

And when it was clear I needed help (after staring at Boo’s bowl wondering what I was missing) she nudged me in the right direction. The smallest of our pack, she is the queen and what she wants, she gets.

She gave some invisible greyhound signal to Bandit and together they herded me in the proper direction, not allowing me to deviate. Hungry tummies were depending on the sleepy human, y’know.

With Bandit’s bowl in hand, Boo and Bandit escorted me back through the kitchen to the food bin and supervised with no small measure of concern until I emerged victorious with their breakfast.

Oh, how I love a smart dog – adopted greyhounds in particular!

Live the greyhound adventure!

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