Adopt Greyhound Retirees For Fun And Networking

Adopt a greyhound retired from track life and you’ll discover new horizons. It’s true!

Greyhounds done with the training and racing life are among the best choices for pets. And with more and more track closures, there are always greyhounds in need of good homes where they can spread their joy of contentment and spread out on your couch.

Sure I could mention greyhounds are the hypo-allergenic of dog breeds. I could tell you they don’t bark and love to go on long walks. I could even say, ‘Find out more with my Adopt A Greyhound Guide!’ But today’s post is really about the person to person intangibles.

When we first investigated adopting a greyhound, we met with a nice guy close to retirement who had two hobbies, flying and greyhound adoption. The greys were less expensive (and I think more addictive) so he was flying less often.  He was so knowledgeable and kind that twenty years and 30 hounds later, we look back fondly on our first contact with a greyhound rescuer.

After a cross country move our greyhound was a real ice breaker and we’ve met the nicest people from all ‘walks of life’ while out walking our hounds.  We got involved with the local greyhound rescue and our network’s expanded even more.

Through Meet and Greets, Pet Expos, and Reunions we get to visit with people who have greyhounds and those who want to learn more about greyhounds. Technologically, it’s not the fastest social network I belong too, but it’s one of my favorite offline options!

There are plenty of online options too. Even twitter and facebook have dedicated groups where people with greys can talk shop and exchange information and plan events. And there are so many good online greyhound forums too.

Greyhound adoption can open up a whole new world, though it might make your couch feel smaller, it’s a greyt trade off!

Live the greyhound adventure!

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