A Memorable Moment With Adopted Greyhounds

Brody is currently the grumpy ‘old man’ of the house, but when he was just over two years old, he came to us as part of our local adoption group’s foster program. The greyhound foster coordinator had barely put the leash in my hand before my daughter declared, “We’re keeping this one!”

That poignant story is just one of many personal anecdotes included in the Adopt A Greyhound Guide that is currently being re-formatted for an upcoming release to kindle.  I’m very excited about having the book available on kindle and I had fun creating a ‘second edition’.

The Adopt a Greyhound Guide!

The Adopt a Greyhound Guide has always been for the dogs…as well as for the people who work tirelessly in greyhound rescue and adoption groups to match greyhounds with forever homes.

Written for people who want to get to know the beautiful, fast friends that are retired racing greyhounds, the Adopt a Greyhound Guide is a charitable effort, with 50% of all proceeds going to help support greyhound rescue and adoption.

As I went through the book again, I thought about one of Brody’s quirky habits. He always stood over the foster greyhounds he liked. Sure it’s a stretch, but give me a little latitude here, could it be that he started this little quirk because of how our daughter first embraced him?

Yes, I know he’s ‘just’ a dog and I have a tendency to humanize the pet behavior around here. (goes with being a fan of retired greyhounds combined with the fiction gig). But I also know greyhounds are some of the smartest, most intuitive creatures on the planet.

He’s had a bond with our daughter since that very first moment. There have been rare occurences when he thought she needed help and he interceded to the point of growling and putting himself between her and the perceived threat. Just fyi, that’s not typical greyhound behavior.

From the moment we met Brody, we have discovered he is unique in all things. He’s forever breaking the standard ‘greyhound rules’. Probably another reason the two of them get on so well, as my daughter is forever breaking free of expectations and limits to reach her goals. 😉

Please stay tuned for news of this book coming to a kindle or kindle app near you.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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