Double Vision, Unknown Identities #2

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A disavowed spy has his long-awaited vengeance in sight…

Framed as a traitor, Adam Maxwell opted to lend his expertise to Unknown Identities, with the understanding that someday he’d get a chance to get even with the man who set him up. An orphan, giving up his past proved easier than surrendering his normal vision to the UI research scientists.

To Selena Vaccaro, owner of a showroom in NYC’s Garment District, family is everything. So when her cousin is kidnapped, she agrees to trade a valuable watch for her cousin’s life, but what should have been a relatively simple exchange turns complicated in the blink of an eye.

Adam doesn’t know how or why Selena is connected to his nemesis, but he can’t let her involvement change his plan for revenge. Until he realizes she offers something far more valuable – a chance to be loved.



“I love paranormal romance and enjoy romantic suspense. When I discovered this series… I was immediately intrigued. The combination of the two genres is genius. If you love the excitement of romantic suspense and the feel of paranormal romance, you’re going to love this series.” A.Brantley

“Unknown Identities is GREAT!” –NomadsMama



Hartford, Monday December 23, 9:42 a.m.
“Hey, John? Have you ever spent Christmas in New York?”
John Noble took pride in the fact that he’d already stopped jumping when the shadows voiced weird questions, knowing it was only his new partner of sorts, Ben Thompson.
This morning he sat at the small table in the corner of the hotel room sharing coffee with Amelia Bennett. She didn’t even look up from the research she was conducting on her new laptop. He’d worried Ben, or rather his odd, stealthy maneuvers, would bother Amelia, but she was quickly adjusting to their life and new associate quite well.
It hadn’t been a full day yet, but he knew with a bone-deep certainty that every day of his new life would be better than the last.
“No,” he said to Ben. He tapped the table near Amelia’s coffee cup. “What about you?”
She nodded absently. “Years ago. Grandma’s idea,” she said, eyes on her screen. Though they hadn’t specifically discussed it, she seemed to know intuitively that Ben didn’t like people looking directly at him. “New York is great over the holiday season. Why do you ask?”
“I tagged End Game’s car, remember?”
“Yeah.” John shook his head at Ben’s irreverent term for the elite assassin who had so recently been tasked to kill Amelia. “But I didn’t know you’d been hanging close enough to tail him.” He didn’t know how he’d had the time.
The shadows shifted with Ben’s careless shrug. “He bothers me. I want to keep track.”
John looked to Amelia who arched her auburn eyebrows in silent agreement. End Game would still be relentlessly gunning for all three of them… if he knew they were alive.
Amelia patted John’s knee under the table, then dipped her head to her screen. “Your decision,” she said under her breath.
He peered at her monitor, skimming the news article with an early December dateline featuring several dignitaries arriving at the UN plaza for a summit on world health. Nothing stood out as problematic until Amelia moved her mouse toward a familiar face in the background.
“Gabriel.” The man he’d known as Messenger. The same man who, years ago, had recruited him into the Unknown Identities program as an alternative to prison time and a dishonorable discharge from the military. The training and experimental procedures had nearly killed him and he bore the scars from the missions they’d sent him on – missions that haunted his nightmares.
Throwing salt in the wound, with the assistance of Ben and Amelia, John finally had confirmation for his suspicions that the program had manipulated events that landed him in prison, just to keep him indebted and in service. Until he’d broken free yesterday, letting Gabriel believe his team had succeeded in killing both John and Amelia.
A smart man would have walked away with that fresh start. But John had met others in the early days of training with Unknown Identities and he wanted to find them, to give them an alternative to being used for various UI plots and schemes. If Messenger and End Game were in New York City, they should probably go check on things.
“Your decision,” she repeated gently.
“We can’t be sure he’s there now. That was a few weeks ago and he was just in Boston with us yesterday.”
“True,” she agreed. “But if End Game is there now…”
John had been with UI long enough to know Messenger kept a tight leash on his most volatile assassins. He stood and paced the short length of the hotel room. He and Amelia were safe. Ben was officially still part of the UI program, which made him safe for the moment.
Were they ready to get involved? It felt too soon to risk being spotted by either Messenger or End Game. They’d barely had time to catch their breath after escaping from Boston. They didn’t have all the facts, no real idea what Messenger was up to. He stopped, looking first at Amelia, then at Ben in the shadows, planting his hands on his hips. They were all breathing – free at last – and others were still trapped in the UI web. That was the crucial point.
There was serious risk in nosing around New York City. Hell, as long as the UI program was in play, there was risk everywhere for all three of them and who knew how many others.