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Writer Wednesday #8

A healthy writing habit can help you no matter what your goals are. But how do you get started? This is the kickoff video for a series on establishing your own writing habit. The first step is carving out the time, but don’t worry about finding hours, weeks or days. You can get your writing… Continue Reading

Writer Wednesday #7

Invest in yourself and your healthy writing habit every day to develop tenacity! That tenacity will carry you through the low points when the going gets tough which will empower your growth as a writer. Write well and live the adventure 20Sep2017 Visit the For Writers page for more resources to empower your writing journey! Continue Reading

Writer Wednesday #6

Learn to work with what you have – and trust in the ‘now’ -to maintain your momentum on your writing project! This is one of my favorite sections in our book Get Those Ideas Out of Your Head! I hope this video and the tips inluded are helpful to you as you work forward toward… Continue Reading