Writer’s Life: Welcome to February

February is upon us already (what?!) but rather than lament another swift passage of yet another January, one of my resolutions this year is to focus on being in the moment. Hey, it worked like a charm for January so I’ll keep up the effort for this month too.

When the kids were little I would decorate the house with a Valentine’s theme on February 1st and there would always be some fun craft for Groundhog Day. We did the routine classroom Valentine exchange and on Valentine’s Day, we’d usually celebrate as a family with a special cake or ice cream sundaes with red, pink, and white toppings.

While the decorations remain in the closet, there’s still much to enjoy as Valentine’s Day, the holiday of chocolate and flowers – I mean the holiday of romance – approaches. My husband and I are famous among our friends for doing our taxes on Valentine’s Day. Ridiculously UN-romantic, right?

Well, with one child in college and one heading that way all-too-soon, getting the taxes done early to fulfill the financial aid forms really is kind of a turn on. Too much information, I know. Forgive me.

TMC-kindle-2But I do find stress impedes romance (when I’m writing it and when I’m living it) and no one told me how much those forms would bug me. Besides, it’s generally easier for me to relax and enjoy the moment of a romantic date if the to-do list is clear. And come on, celebrating the end of another wrestling match with the IRS over a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries isn’t the worst way to spend an evening.

For years I’ve wanted to offer readers a romantic February story and while I have a few short stories in various stages that meet that criteria, it’s with pleasure that I announce the upcoming Matchmaker’s Curse starts with a Valentine’s Day date.

It’s not the best date of Maeve’s life – and it might just rank as one of her worst – but it’s a romantic tradition she won’t give up, no matter how many date do-overs it takes to get it right. Look for excerpts to follow – and everyone on the Join the Adventure newsletter list will get a coupon to download it first for free. (because you’ve all been so fabulously patient).

Live the adventure!

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