Wrangling For Control

Long ago I said world building for paranormal romance novels is the best solution for… Control Freaks! I can say that with absolute confidence because I am a control freak. To try and convince you I’m reformed or in the process of reforming would be a work of fiction beyond any of my currently published novels.

While I may be better about actually going with the flow, wanting to be in control remains a fact of my life and personality. I’ve stopped fighting it.

Writing novels is one way to exercise that control – at least when the characters are cooperative.

In fact, Maeve, the heroine of the next Matchmaker book, The Matchmaker’s Curse, is a control freak too. She has good reason (a far better reason than me) for wanting to maintain control. She’s never been taught to control the latent magic inside her and letting her power ‘off the chain’ doesn’t always end in a good way. Maintaining order, precision, and routine is a calming influence for her and calm equals no awful surprises.

For me, I just wanted to control the story, from the world building to the plot to the release date. Instead, these past couple months I’ve struggled to keep the characters on task, to keep my marketing on point, and to keep moving forward so I can get to the next book.

Not only have these characters (Maeve and Grant) run me ragged in several tangential directions (a few of which CANNOT be in the book no matter what they want), but my family is going through some intense transitions these days too.

As a mom who works at home, managing the details of all those transitions falls on me. It’s funny, no matter how organized I am, keeping my brain zeroed in on one task has been a tremendous challenge in recent weeks (and primarily why Maeve and Grant are running amok with their story).

I will add, it doesn’t help when schedules change from day to day. And of course, being May, as all parents know, there is much end of school year stuff that gets added in at the last minute.

Still, I get up every morning with clear goals (I refuse to call them pipe dreams): control of this story and control of at least a fraction of my life. And I’ve learned to celebrate even on days when the only thing I control is the next cup of coffee.

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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  1. Regan,
    Boy do I understand being a control freak. End of school year is one time of year, I feel stretched in 20 million ways and control is sooo elusive.

    And how true the cup of coffee is the only thing I can control. 12 more days till end of school.

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