When Lightning Strikes

Writers are supposed to be idea people. Maybe the ideas only apply to imaginary people populating a pretend universe, but it’s still a matter of ideas. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my ideas feel lame, or incomplete. Or like they need a shot of B-12 or Vitamin D to be ‘real enough’ to work with.

Other times, lightning strikes.

We were recently out to dinner celebrating some wonderful news. Our son was accepted to an elite high school and we couldn’t be prouder. It was our son who brought up college and it was clear he’d been thinking about his options and doing some research. (relief to me!)

My son is all about gaming – and in a few years he might be well on his way to creating a new empire. (Big dreams are the best!) And he was typically teenage-wary when my husband brought up a new way to apply gaming technology. While the kid listened, he was clearly losing interest, and sending off all the signals *eyeroll* that Dad didn’t get it, or worse, was trying to nudge him into a different career.

But that suggestion my husband made – it was pure idea lightning for me.

Am I in a place to apply that suggestion to my manuscript? No, because I’m currently working on the lighter stuff, the next two books in the Matchmaker series.

For now, that bolt of lightning will have to simmer in my idea file for 2096. But I guarantee when I get to the book that will use it – we’re all going to LOVE it! I write to entertain, and this idea-lightning has so much super cool potential we are going to LOVE it.

It’s possible I love the idea more because I’m not yet in the throes of writing that story… and I’ll admit that gathering ideas for the next project is always a motivator to complete the current project.

Years ago I was terrified that the current book would be the last good idea. I think that’s one reason why I don’t fight ideas (lightning or more subtle) when they creep in on me at this point in the writing process. It’s like my subconscious (via my chatty husband) is reassuring me that the ideas will keep coming, so it’s okay to keep on writing.

Don’t worry – when I get to that book, I’ll let you all know about it right here first!

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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  1. Sometimes ideas need to simmer for a bit before they are fully ready..I know how you feel. I have so many ideas and some I need to set aside till they are ready.

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