Real Life Heroes

Last week I vented about my disgust and frustration with real life villains, but I’m happy to say while I know there are plenty of villains in the world, I have a persistent optimistic streak and I believe there are plenty more real life heroes out there to offset them.

Thinking about our very busy and eventful summer, there have been plenty of heroes running around and helping us… but today I’ll highlight the three who helped me through a single tough day recently.

There was the dear friend who sat with me at the hospital during my daughter’s surgery. We rambled about everything from books to heart surgery, got caught up, and otherwise made the time fly having a good time during a stressful situation. Thanks, Sam!

And hours later, when I went out to the parking garage to get my overnight bag and found a flat tire, my heroic friend referred me to a friend of his in the car repair business. He came riding to my rescue in true heroic fashion – and he even fixed the problem free of charge!

Last (only in the contest of this post) my daughter’s surgeon is definitely a real life hero in our world as well. Six years ago he looked at my daughter’s orthopedic history as a courtesy (and out of curiosity). At the first visit, he gave me real hope when he assured me he could ‘fix’ her.

What other doctors had overlooked or dismissed, he knew he could resolve with time and correct treatments. His dedication has inspired her to keep believing and improving her quality of life to be as active and ‘normal’ as her peers. After multiple surgeries and several rounds of physical therapy she’s even on her college quidditch team now!

(yes, J.K. Rowling’s amazing imagination has sprouted a real life sport… look it up on YouTube).

Real life heroes like these are the foundation inspiration for the heroic efforts (big and little) in my books and their great example is just one more reason I’m thankful they are in my life!

Real life heroes are as close as the people who make your day a little brighter, who encourage and support your wildest dreams, and who show you a kindness when you’re distressed. Be sure to thank the heroes in your life today!

Live the adventure,

Regan Black paranormal romance author


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